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Drawing on over 100 years of combined experience in the yarn industry, Harding Specialty Fibers is a specialist manufacturer, processor and supplier of yarns to a diverse range of sectors, including aerospace, medical, automotive, industry and defence.



In 1949, Frank Harding started the business in Macclesfield, winding silk for parachutes.

The company purchased its first factory, known as Waterside Mill in 1970. To meet its continued growth it needed larger facilities and in 1974 purchased Kershaw Mill on Bond Street, Macclesfield.

This was F Harding’s head office until the company moved to Langley in 2004 and was followed by a rebranding to Harding Yarns.


The Present, and Beyond

From 2020, the Harding family now own and run Harding Specialty Fibers (HSF) from its current location in Leek.

The company also has lab facilities for testing yarns prior to full production, and an international supply network for sourcing specialist yarns.

As an essential supplier in the pre-manufacturing process, HSF is in an ideal position to play an integral supporting role in UK and international manufacturing, across various industries and organisations.

HSF produces specialist yarns to order, or source specific yarns for technical and industrial applications, putting themselves at the heart of the yarn industry and manufacturing in Britain today.


Our vision:

  • To be the UK’s leading yarn processing supplier
  • To be a loyal, considerate and respected employer, providing sustainable employment for the local community, and an enjoyable and rewarding place to work
  • To provide a fair and substantial return for our shareholders
  • To always be a responsible company recognising our impact on the environment and working to minimise it.

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