urban living at Techtextil 2019

Every two years, the leading trade show for technical textiles, Techtextil 2019 takes place.

As a specialist yarn manufacturer, processor and supplier, it was important for us that we should attend this year’s event, held in Frankfurt.

Techtextil is a wide-ranging showcase for technical textiles in various applications across different sectors globally. These sectors include construction, automotive, aerospace and medicine. There are also plenty of examples of the use of advanced textiles in wearable items and furniture design.


What the Techtextil expo demonstrates is that while function is the primary driver for technical textiles, there is also been an emphasis on wearables, and on sustainable solutions for textile manufacturing in this growing sector


However, the demand for high performance remains crucial to the success of textiles.


Technical Textiles are Everywhere

The use of advanced, innovative textiles is becoming much more widespread.  There are, of course, more obvious applications, such as:

  • safety belts
  • harnesses
  • conveyor belts, but,

As the Techtextil expo demonstrates, the potential for using technology to drive textile development has become more fully realised.

For example, the expo has explored the potential role textiles will play in improving lives for citizens of cities of the future.

It is this re-emphasis of wearable textile technology which may be set to become the next frontier in specialist textile manufacturing.


Already, technical textiles represent a high level of product innovation, drawing on state of the art processing technologies, offering essential protection and performance across a broad spectrum of industries and services


More familiar and established textile applications for transport, such as ropes and sails, have also entered a more technically advanced age.

This echoes our own journey, from winding silk for parachutes to highly sophisticated industrial and technical yarns.


Highlighting High Tech

Techtextil provides an excellent opportunity for manufacturers, suppliers and customers to interact, while putting the spotlight on the latest technological advances in textile development.

This includes coverage of technical facilities, textile technologies and wearable, functional textiles.

It has given us the opportunity to explore the potential for finding new customers and suppliers, while promoting our specialist yarn production capabilities.  These capabilities include research, analysis and prototyping, to find the right solutions for our customers.

Over 100 countries are represented at Techtextil, allowing us to reach broad, worldwide audience and showing how we fit into the broader textiles sector.

How could we fit with you?


Picture courtesy of Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Jean-Luc Valentin