Harding Specialty Fibers warehousing

The team at Harding Specialty Fibers (HSF) has expanded our solutions by launching a new warehousing facility, aimed at consolidating the needs of our customers and the wider community.

We specialise in the manufacture, process and supply of yarns and specialty fibers to a range of sectors, and work with professionals in the medical, automotive, defence and aerospace industries.


Addressing Stock Management Issues

Many sectors lose thousands of pounds in revenue every year through poorly managed stock. Our warehousing solution uses the latest technology to maintain fluidity throughout the supply chain.


Our warehouse addresses sectors requiring quick stock rotation and provides a range of high-tech equipment from single and multi-pallets to under cover loading and off-loading facilities.


According to the Motorola Solutions Future of Warehouse Survey, just 26% of company managers view warehouses and distribution centres as an asset for growth.Our aim is to change that.

More shocking, 43% of small businesses have no way of tracking their inventories, leading to vast potential losses through inefficiencies or missing stock.


A Secure Solution

The facility will also provide secure solutions for long-term warehousing.

The rotation of stock depends hugely on the sector. Our new warehousing facility will give our clients and community peace of mind if they have to store their goods for a significant amount of time.

We know how valuable this stock can be and have invested heavily into our warehouse security to protect these assets.


Our warehousing facilities will take our local communities forward as they no longer have to worry about sourcing storage solutions or managing stock efficiently


Ultimately, this will save businesses hundreds of hours in manpower, not to mention thousands of pounds. We are keen to work with local businesses and help them to achieve the best profit margins possible.

With 46% of warehousing issues down to human error, our facilities will minimise disruption and help out immeasurably across all communities. From medical supplies to manufacturing, Harding Specialty Fibers looks forward to giving something back.

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